cyber environSince the development of technology, there are tons of opportunities that it presented. Medical tools were invented, and medicines were produced to eliminate various kinds of diseases. Furthermore, the computer was introduced to the public – which has now a huge influence in our society. Communications and information dissemination is now easier wherever you are. Jobs and commercial opportunities also expanded using the internet. Nowadays, you can work at home by applying online, establishing your own business, or build a website.

However, just like any other thing in this world, technology also has disadvantages. There are people, groups, and organizations that are using it for criminal activities. You or someone you know may have been a victim of identity theft, fraud, or scam.


Who is NadimKobeissi?

Nadim Kobeissi is one of the concerned citizens who are hoping to reduce the threats online. He is famous for the Cryptocat, miniLock, Bluenote, and Symbolic. He is majorly concerned about commercial and government surveillance on the internet. Thus, he created Cryptocat and presented it at HOPE Hacker Conference in New York back in 2012.


Cryptocat, Anapnea, & Other Software

Nadim KobeissiThe application was launched in May 2011 as a web application. People can use it for online chatting using Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, it only became popular in 2012 when Kobeissi tweeted that he was detained at the U.S. border due to its censorship resistance. If you want to promote your blog, social media site, and other content, you can also use buy website traffic On the other hand, Anapnea is one of the largest Open UNIX Shell Providers all over the world. There is also miniLock software that is used for file encryption – which is available in Google Chrome. For Apple users, there is an app organizer for your notes, tasks, and passwords: the Bluenote. Users can freely download the trial app for 14 days and can be bought for only $4.99 in Mac App Store.


Latest News & Updates

Currently, Kobeissi is the director of a small company – Symbolic Software – which is about applied cryptography and specialized software solutions. If you always read news about technology, you’ll also see Kobeissi’s name. He’s active in giving statements regarding the security features of several apps and software. Moreover, he also has a tech blog – You’ll be able to read articles regarding encryption, cryptography, and online security.


  1. 3-23-2017

    Nadim Kobeissi is a very principled person. Unlike those that sees money as the object of the passion to do things. I even admire his attitude more than his brain 🙂

    • 10-2-2017

      I agree with you. Nadim is a hero for the new generation of wiz kids! He really is an man of principle 🙂

  2. 4-18-2017

    hmmmmmm….. Nadim Kobeissi I like this guy. We are looking at the future billionaire, just saying.

  3. 7-13-2017

    I also love to do programming, though I think there’s a lot more to learn. I feel inadequate when I read things likes this though. Nice write up!

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