Aside from the festivity, drinks, and betting, there are other things that you should be prepared if you are going to watch a horse race.



what to expectIn some countries, horse racing is a prestigious event attended by royalties and celebrities. Thus, these events require people to wear smart casual attires like blazers, jackets, shirts, ties, blouse, trousers, skirts, and accessories. However, some countries with small race course don’t have any dress code.


Picking A Horse

Even if it’s your first time going to a horse race, it is important to choose a horse because it’s part of the experience. If you didn’t do any research before going to race, the most important thing that can help you is the program. You can get this upon entering the race course. It includes relevant information like the statistics, history of horses participating in the race, the jockeys, odds, etc. Moreover, you can also see the horses in the paddock before the contest. Choose the one that looks healthy and can run very fast. You can build a website and put information regarding horse race.

Betting In The Race

what to expect in a horse raceThere are two types of tellers: human and automated. The automatic teller has long lines. If it’s your first time betting on a horse race, it is better to go to a human teller. They can assist you, but you should have an idea how to say your bet. You should follow this order:

  • Racetrack and race number
  • Amount of bet
  • Type of bet
  • Horse’s program number


During The Race

It may be shocking, but several things happen during the contest, which are the reasons why organizations like PETA don’t like this form of entertainment. They are using the internet to disseminate information and buy website traffic to gain website visitors. Horses are forced to take drugs and enhancers to do well during the race. Moreover, jockeys also whip them until they reach the finish line. As a result, some of these horses die during or after the race. Those who sustained great injuries are euthanized or sent to slaughter house.


After The Race

betting and cashingThere are different types of races where you can bet. You can bet on a single race or pick horses in six different races. Moreover, there are times that you can still receive a reward even though your horse didn’t win the race. You can visit the winner’s enclosure to see the interview of the jockey and steaming horses to recover from the race. Horse racing is an incredible event, as long as the animals aren’t suffering. Promote your horse race blog with cheap website traffic.


  1. 2-13-2017

    I’ve been to a Horse RacingFestival and man! the crown is crazy! I don’t really understand how they get their thrill over such a lousy event!

  2. 4-23-2017

    Far from being a winner, it’s bad enough that people are investing their money to this horses. LOL

  3. 5-19-2017

    Racing has become a gambler’s venue to spend most of their money. I don’t see the wisdom why people love it so much.

    • 8-31-2017

      They love it because they love spending money while enjoying! 🙂

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