Zhongshan RaceChina is one of the largest countries all over the world. The place is famous for their rich culture, history, food, and manufacturing industry. Several large companies set up their factories here to create their products. Regarding governance, China has been ruled by the Communists since 1949. Even if they are more closed off with the current trends worldwide, they have their brand for everything, especially for several technological advancements. There are tech blogs that are worthy to read if you are interested in the latest news about technology. Recently, China is opening up to other countries. They are making their foreign relations better with other countries like Russia, Philippines, and Germany.


The Rise of Horse Racing Industry in China

Zhongshan RaceAside from technology, fashion, and traveling, the horse racing industry is becoming big in China. The China Horse Club (CHC) was established in 2013 by Teo Ah Khing. John Warren, a member of the Jockey Club in Britain and a racing adviser for the Queen, also joined the advisory council of CHC. He admitted that he was skeptical at first about the success of the horse racing club in China. However, as the time passed by Chinese welcomed horse racing as a sport, form of entertainment, and a game. Today, several race courses were built, and there are open races in several places. More people are attracted with horse racing in China. Some bloggers even create content about it and use cheap website traffic to gain website visitors.


The China Horse ClubZhongshan Race

The horse race industry today is now popular that several members of CHC are winners from 8 different countries for contests including Irish Derby, Caulfield Guineas, and Epsom Derby to name a few. You can contact their office if you are interested in joining. Members are given the privilege to be invited to several functions, bet on horse racing events, meet other horse racing enthusiasts, and get business opportunities.


Arrival of Thoroughbreds in China

With the increasing interest in horse racing, tons of thoroughbreds are arriving in China. Last year, during the China Equine Cultural Festival, some of the horse participants were thoroughbreds that came from New Zealand. This year, Australia sent 81 thoroughbreds; plus there are also 76 from Ireland. This just proves that the horse racing industry is growing in China. As a result, it provides more job opportunities for the locals.


  1. 1-19-2017

    Horse racing used to be a sporting event. However, this tradition has slowly became a venue to people to gamble. The beauty of the sports has gone down the drain.

  2. 5-11-2017

    Most people who attend such events wants easy money. That’s why most church people are not in favor with such activities.

  3. 6-27-2017

    I have seen a bunch of Chinese gamblers betting on an online horse race. I know these are not legal if they don’t have proper permits.

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