Horses are considered as animals that lived in the wilds. However, we are fascinated by this creature that we turn them into domestic animals. Most of the horses are trained so that they can play in races.

Horse races are popular in several countries as a legal gambling game like France, Japan, United Arab Emirates, and the Philippines. Though this game is considered for the wealthy, organizers are encouraging the public to join. If you have a blog about horse racing, you can get more website visitors if you buy targeted traffic for my website.


Horse Racing Tips for Newcomers

Horse Racing


Below is the list of things that you should know to enjoy horse racing:

  1. Choose a race course that you want to visit.
  2. Aside from the entrance fee, you also have to pay for reserved seating or entry into the clubhouse in most race course.
  3. Use the program given to you upon entering the venue to spot a winner. It contains vital information including the horses, jockeys, morning line odds, race distances, and much more.
  4. During the pre-parade ring – where horses are warming up – you can observe which horse you want to put a bet.
  5. When choosing a horse, look for the one who has a shiny coat, pricked ears, doesn’t sweat too much, and walks Horse Racing horsesleisurely.
  6. Horses with longer odds are less likely to win, but if you are willing to bet, you may have bigger payout.
  7. The best choice for newcomers, if they want to bet, is the swinger bet. You will be able to pick two horses which you think will place in the first three spot.
  8. If you want to watch all day, you can bet with placepot. You’ll be able to pick a horse for the first six games. The bonus part is you can still get a substantial payout even if your picks didn’t win.
  9. It is important to study jargons before you visit a race course, such as pony, stake, banker, on/off the bridle, handicap, etc.
  10. Remember that horse racing is a form of gambling, so make sure that you won’t get addicted to it.

Animal Cruelty

Horse Racing gameThough most people view horse racing as a form of entertainment, organizations like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are fighting against it. They are uncovering cruel and illegal practices in the industry.

There have been reports and cases regarding the misuse of whips and illegal electric shocking devices. There are jockeys like Jeremy Rose and Victor Espinoza who beat their horses too much that caused severe injuries. Furthermore, there are more serious cases like the felony charge against Roman Chapa for race-fixing. He used a shocking device during a race. In addition to whips and electric devices, horses were also forced to take drugs and enhancers. They are pushed to their limits that result in fatal deaths and severe injuries. Most animal lovers are using the internet to fight against these cruelties. You can build a website and write about animal cruelty; plus buy cheap website traffic to promote your blog.


  1. 5-28-2017

    I like to see horse racing! I do not bet though. I dislike gambling. I just like to watch the horses run on the racecourse.

  2. 7-10-2017

    Every industry that involves animals have the eye of PETA. I think it’s just the way things are – people can be most destructive and caring at the same time. 🙂

    • 6-19-2017

      I so agree with you! PETA even weighs animals’ rights higher compared to human rights LOL

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