Japan Horse RaceJapan is one of the richest countries in the South-East Asia, plus it is the only Asian country included in the G7. This country is famous for their anime, manga, cosplay events, and great video games. However, not many people know that they are also famous for horse racing. Under Japan Racing Association (JRA), there are race courses in Obihiro, Morioka, Funabashi, Kanazawa, Chukyo, Kochi, Mombetsu, Mizusawa, Ohi, Kasamatsu, Sonoda, Saga, Sapporo, Urawa, Kawasaki, Nagoya, and Himeji. So if you like horse racing and planning to visit Japan, you should include one race course in your itinerary. If you are Japanese and like to promote horse racing, you can build a website. Post related articles or create your own then buy website traffic to get website visitors and boost the popularity of your site.


Types of Horse Race

In Japan there are three kinds of racing for horses:Horse Race Japan

  • Flat Racing: It refers to the race course, which only has flat ground. Thus, it is the conventional type of racing where the first horse to cross the finish line is the winner. The focus of the game is to know which horse is the fastest to run.
  • Jump Racing: This course contains different kinds of obstacles that horses need to pass. The race focuses on the strength of the horse to get through the obstacles like fences, hedges, and water.
  • Ban’ei: It’s not a race but a test of the power of the horses. You can only see this kind of competition in Obihiro, in the region of Tokachi, and part of the northern island of Hokkaido. Note that this place is freezing. The horses only need to run a distance of 200 meters, but they need to pull a heavy sledge. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the horses for this contest are bigger than normal horses used for flat racing.


Going To A Japanese Horse Race

Japan Horse RacingUnlike in other countries, visitors don’t need to wear smart casual clothes to get on the race course. You can simply wear shirt and shorts. No need to worry about getting to the race course. In Japan, most of them are near the train stations or directly connected to it via underground pathways. In case that the race course is far from the station, there are shuttle buses available. The horse race is similar to other countries, except for the language, so you won’t have any problem if you are used to it.


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